A Choice Of Finishes For Your Driveways And Parking Areas

Tar & Chip:

After preparing the ground we can offer tar and chip (Tarring). The tar / emulsion can be layed on various surfaces (a concrete slab, tarmac asphalt , concrete, old tar, crushing and almost any solid surface). It can even be applied as a primary layer for tarmac on broken or cracked surfaces, being a liquid bitumen which penetrates in porous places and hardens which solidifies the old finish. According to the preparation and the ground we have different types of bitumen we use from 65% to 70%. This emulsion is always laid hot at around 80 ° C, which can be done in one, two or three layers depending on your need and budget.

Gravel Colour And Sizes:

According to the request we can have it with a gravel in the color of your choice - red, gray, beige, black, white, golden brown, mixed color sized between 0/2 and 6/10. The bitumen emulsion can also be a simple and economical way to make a similar finish to that of a asphalt coating with the last layer 0/2 sand finish, which goes with wear about 1 month after the application according to the slope of the terrain and the number of cars that pass through it. 

This gives a clean finish - solid, beautiful and guaranteed.

Tar and chippings price per m2 ranged between:


  • Tar and chip bitumen singular coating (8€-30€ m2)
  • Tar and chip bitumen double coating (13€-35€ m2)
  • Tar and chip bitumen triple coating (15€-40€ m2)
  • These prices are not including VAT and depend on the m2 that you which to tar, the price of the preparation is also not included and depends as well of the surface to prepare. For more exact prices don't hesitate to contact us for you free estamet and our advice.


    Places where we have layer similar coatings:

    Tar and sand dax(0/2 filère),Tar and golden granit Orthez(6/10 golden granit),Tar and chip Pau(2/4 neutral),Tar and chip Mont-de-Marsan(6/10 red), Tar and chip salies de bearn(4/6 rouge), Tar and chip Bayonne (0/2 filère),Tar and chip landes (2/6 grey), Tar and chip Pyrénées Atlantiques(2/4 white).

Agregated surface Pyrénées Atlantiques saliesTar and chippings Pyrénées Atlantiques saliesTar and chippings RED Pyrénées Atlantiques saliestar in the Landes dax  tar Pyrénées Atlantiques Othezgravelling a road