Finishes For The Areas Surrounding Your Property

The Preparation

To lay tarmac you need a strong and stable base. For that, depending on your terrain, we must excavate about 10 to 15 cm to lay  a bidime geotextile membrane to stabilize and separate the different materials it also prevents the weeds from growing through the coating. Then we level up the with 0/20 crush that we grad, water and compact. It also would be a good idea to put in place some edgings round the border to define the grass boundaries and also to prevent breaking the tarmac on the sides.

Red Or Black Tarmac

After the ground preparation or if your terrain is already prepared, We can do various tarmacs, black or red and sizes 0/6 or 0/10, which will be laid at a depth of about 5cm or more if necessary. It will be directly layed on the gradings   with a paver or by hand depending on the job at a temperature between 150 and 180 ° C and then compacted with a roller compactor.

Tarmacadam Is Made Of Different Materials:

Aggregate: gravel greater than 6 mm diameter. of "fine" or filler: sand and dust section less than 6 mm. These elements naturally present in small amounts in the aggregate, are essential to achieve the coating binder (bitumen) with the aggregates, because the fines are what blend in with the bitumen. The asphalt binder consisting essentially of bitumen today. Smooth finish, clean, solid and guaranteed.

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